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com::acgvision::core::ws::Process Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::acgvision::core::ws::Process:

com::acgvision::core::ws::Control com::acgvision::core::ws::Job

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Detailed Description

Java class for process complex type.

The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <complexType name="process">
     <extension base="{http://ws.core.acgvision.com/}control">
         <element name="processName" type="{http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}string" minOccurs="0"/>

Definition at line 32 of file Process.java.

Public Member Functions

Message getAlert ()
AutomaticAction getAutomaticAction ()
Message getClose ()
Criticity getCriticity ()
Long getId ()
List< IncidentgetIncidents ()
String getName ()
String getProcessName ()
Period getSchedule ()
List< ServicegetServices ()
Week getWeek ()
void setAlert (Message value)
void setAutomaticAction (AutomaticAction value)
void setClose (Message value)
void setCriticity (Criticity value)
void setId (Long value)
void setName (String value)
void setProcessName (String value)
void setSchedule (Period value)
void setWeek (Week value)

Protected Attributes

Message alert
AutomaticAction automaticAction
Message close
Criticity criticity
Long id
List< Incidentincidents
String name
String processName
Period schedule
List< Serviceservices
Week week

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